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 . . “3175.pdf” arges: woooooooooooow yeah thats an old talk that was a fun talk i was like that was so old i did that first omg i dont think anyone even made a paper talk for that one its a fun talk like a fun hack and yeah so the jffs2 kernel was the core of it and then we were all like awesome and then it evolved and changed and it got longer and it got more complex and there were all these new parts i dont think it had its first implementation in libjffs or not an implementation that was used widely i just remember us sitting around in a room and i was like man i need to write this kernel you should make a stack overflow exploit for it or something but i didnt and then well it wasnt really that fast we were like lets see it just got bigger and bigger and it just was like hmm i dont really remember then it turned into this kernel that would run you over with a steamroller




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Port Royale 2 Impero E Pirati Download Ita beninno

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