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What Is Freedom For You Essay

Have you ever thought about the meaning of freedom? For some people, freedom is the right to do what they want, say what they think, live where they want, study and work what they want, choose the religion what they believe without harming others rights. The other meaning of freedom is responsibility, which everyone is afraid of.

  • What does freedom mean to you. Freedom is a very respectful word, to me it is the root from which we grew. Like the people before us, we could never truly appreciate what it has given us. Freedom resides in all of us, and I mean of all.

  • Freedom is why everyone wants to come to our country. Freedom to simply do what you want. We can also have fun and fun around and do all sorts of things in the usa because of our freedom. Don't get me wrong here you can't just go and kill someone that's.

  • When you are free, you have a sense of being free. Feeling free to me means having the ability to be able to express yourself and your beliefs without being judged by others. With freedom, there is equality, happiness, and respect of yourself and others. But freedom is more than being just free. Freedom comes with desire too.

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